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Tiger Tales – Bandhavgarh

May 2011

Tiger Tales My Trip 

As mentioned earlier, this was a focused jungle trip with a group of hard core wild life enthusiasts. The total trip was for 9 jungle drives, but I could stay only for 4 as I was not in a position to take leave from work for all the days. Somehow this fitted well with the program, as Abheek could join only after I left. But the flip side was that I could not join Abheek in any of the drives. Time constraints!! They kill…

Brown Fish Owl at Bandhavgarh

Let me not detail out each drive separately. I did 4 drives in 2 days – all of them turning out to be equally good. I have discussed my last jungle travel to Pench and Tadoba in my trip report. The jungles are similar in nature and so is the wildlife. So let me discuss the highlights of the trip briefly.

Drive 1: started with a bang. We were hardly 10 minutes within the park when we encountered a female tigress lying down under a tree. Not very near to the road, but not too far away also. I had initial problems in viewing the tigress through the trees and bushes, but soon my eye-sight adjusted to the surroundings and the tigress was clearly visible. Soon there was a flutter and another second tiger appeared. It was a huge male and the growls of the two tigers indicated that they were mating. It was not clearly visible to us, but some of the vehicles got a clear view of the incident. Overall, it was thrilling to see two tigers together, even if at a distance. While in Pench, I missed seeing two tigers together and had always kept my fingers crossed to see a pair together. Looks like my wish was fulfilled.

Tree top langurs

Tree top langurs

The 2nd and 3rd drive also had its fair share of tiger sighting – but not in a photo friendly manner. Most of the time they were visible at a distance. But other wild life were in abundance – and we enjoyed them. Each drive had its fair share of langur antics, mother and deer cub, varieties of deer, wild boar, a wild boar feeding and tearing apart a langur. Quite a few varieties of birds were also viewed – king vulture, long billed vulture, Egyptian vulture, brown fishy owl, wolly necked stork, jungle babbler, etc.

Drive 4: This was the final drive for me. We got the routes that we were yearning for – BD. Sikhandar, our driver, wanted to go for the Mirchiani cubs. The Mirchiani cubs occupied the territory at the extreme end o backf the park when entered from the Tala gate and it was a long journey. We had traversed the route in the reverse direction in Drive 1 the earlier day. As mentioned, the landscape of this route is most probably the best in Bandhavgarh. Rocky terrains, grasslands, bamboo forests – you get all in this route. On the way, there was a cluster of safari vehicles at a point. The Chorbhera cubs were at a distance, among the trees. Not clearly visible, but their outline could be made out. Our lenses were not good for such long distance photography. We waited for some time and then moved on. Hardly 100m from the point where we were waiting, our car stopped on hearing the deer alarms. We waited patiently, but the calls soon died off. The search for the cubs proved elusive as well. However, on the way back we were rewarded with two dancing peacocks as they put on a show for more than 10 minutes. On the way back, we decided to check back on the mating pair of tigers seen the day before. The area was soon to be on fire – from the passion play of the two tigers. Both Kankati and Bamera male were lying in a water body, but soon they emerged from the bushes, crossed the road and crossed a small water body. And then followed the most rarest 30 seconds as the pair mated in full visibility. Passion over, the tigers just eased themselves and lied down relaxingly under the tree. There could not have been a better finale to my trip to Bandhavgarh. I left Bandhavgarh the same night, loaded with memories to cherish for days, maybe till I could have a better trip that might overshadow this experience, but I don’t think it will happen.


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Tiger Tales My Trip


  1. Dr. A Ghosh said:

    A well researched and riveting writeup Kausikda.
    There have been further developments beyond what you have reported here. The Mirchiani cubs have been relocated to Bhopal zoo after being banded man eaters after a spate of human attacks. Female cub of Sukhi Patiya is dead. Jhurjhura killers are scot free after destruction of evidence by unknown parties. Sheila Masood – a wildlife activist who was spearheading the Justice for Jhurjhura cause and making all the right noises and ruffling feathers was shot dead a week back. Chorbehera cubs are also on a cattle killing spree and the villages want them removed to the zoo also. The future look bleak for bandhavgad unless some drastic purging happens by HIS will somehow. My 2 cents.

    Here’s my analysis of Bandhavgad : This analysis is also outdated and the latest incidences are not included in this.

    Dr. A Ghosh
    Wildcats Foundation, Nagpur

    Posted on August 24th, 2011 at 7:29 am

  2. admin said:

    Yes, things are not going well for Bhandhavgarh. Irony is that the attitude of the administration everywhere is the same – so this can happen to any other park any time. The killing of Sheila Masood will induct fear among many similar activists. From Mukesh’s FB posting, I find that at least on two occasions, tiger ventured out on the streets, killed goats and ate them there. (I think one was in front of Taj Resort). This gives out not-so-good signals.
    Have been following your posts on Bandhavgarh – but a lot of bad things has happened there in the few months since our trip in May. Only can hope for better times, but good times will not come unless everybody sits up and takes drastic steps.

    Posted on August 25th, 2011 at 9:48 am

  3. Anusia said:

    Thanks for sharing the information. It was really interesting to know such facts as it was very informative.

    Posted on October 8th, 2014 at 10:48 am

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