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March 2009

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Marble Rocks Dhuadhar Falls & Chaushat Yogini Temple Information 

Dhuadhar Falls

Dhuadhar Falls

Dhuadhar Falls

Dhuadhar is a magnificent waterfall on the Narmada. Though March, before the start of monsoons, is not probably the best time to visit it. The best view of the falls in its full grandeur is after the monsoons – after October. However, we were not disappointed – Dhudhar falls was huge. Though the vertical drop of water in the fall was not much, it creats a constant spray and mist of water all around it, from which the name Dhuadhar arises.

Ariel view of the falls

A newly added attraction of the Dhuadhar Falls is the newly installed ropeway across the falls. One can get a beautiful ariel view of the falls from the overhead cable cars. By the time we reached Dhudhar, the cable car services had started. Though the journey was very short, only a couple of minutes, it gave a wonderful view of the falls which otherwise can never be seen from the ground. After spending half an hour near the falls, we returned by the cable car.

The road from the auto stand to the Dhuadhar falls is lined with shops selling decorative items in soft marble and stones. It is difficult to resist not buying something from there. We were no exception and spent quite some time looking at things and then giving in to the temptation and buying quite a few of them.

Chaushat Yogini Temple

Har Parvati Temple

Har Parvati Temple

This is a beautiful temple complex just beside the Marble Rock entrance. Built in between 1000 – 1100 AD, this ancient temple has sculptures of sixty-four (hindi – chaushat) yoginis lining the interior of its circular boundary wall. A steep climb of around 100 steps transports you to this 1000 year old magic. The sculptures of the yoginis have been damaged to a large extent. There is a beautiful temple within the complex. Built during the same period, the temple has the statue of Shiva and Parvati sitting on a bull(Nandi). The priest informed that this was most probably the only temple in India which has the statue of Shiva and Parvati on Nandi.
By this time, the sun was over the horizon and it was quite hot. It was time to check-out of our hotel and proceed towards Jabalpur, from where we would be taking the night train to Kolkata. End of an wonderful journey………….


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Marble Rocks Dhuadhar Falls & Chaushat Yogini Temple Information


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