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Jurong Bird Park

October 2010

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Half in day to spare in Singapore and if shopping is not your cup of tea, then Singapore has got a couple of options to enjoy your day without having to aimlessly stroll through the huge shopping malls that dot the city. I wan in Singapore for a 2-day trip arranged at a very short notice. The trip was critical and lots of homework and preparation had to be done for a presentation. Reaching Singapore on a Sunday morning and as traveling in Singapore is hassle free and it took us hardly 25 mins to reach our hotel from the airport. After waiting in the hotel lobby for an hour (as we were early for check-in and the room was being cleaned), I hit the bed immediately to catch up with some sleep that I had missed the previous night. Woke up fresh before lunch, which literally translated to some free time during the day and ample time to get prepared for the meeting the next day. Myself and Brijes decided to explore Jurong Bird Park. Actually it was pre-decided that if we get any spare time, Jurong would be the place to explore.

Macaws at Jurong Bird Park

A quick lunch on the way and we were headed towards Jurong by subway and then by taxi. Enter the bird park and you enter paradise. For a first timer, the macaws will startle you. One will wonder how the giant birds are left out in the open. Its a question to which I could not get the answer. After spending a good thirty minutes with the macaws, we moved ahead. The birds are arranged along a circular track and one can cover the entire park by moving either in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction – it really does not matter. There is also a panorail which the visitors can avail instead of walking across the park. But actually you miss a lot of fun if you take the train – walking is preferred. The direction in which you walk might be governed to some extent by the different shows that are held at different sections of the park. Unfortunately, we realized that if we went for any of the shows, we will not be able to cover the entire park. So the bird shows were skipped for a second visit sometime in the future.

Flamingos at Jurong Bird Park

Walking along the track, we gradually covered the spectacular flamingo pool, the wetland birds, African grasslands, pelicans, and the swans. The flamingos were the most beautiful of the lot, coloring the entire pool pink with their colored bodies. It took more than an hour to cover these places and the wide variety of colors and sizes of the birds were really amazing.
The African Waterfall Aviary came next. Its a huge wire enclosed area, but the enclosure is so high that you will never realize that its actually enclosed. As a result, birds will walk past you or sit fearlessly on the railings or feed in front of you. Saw a number of strange birds in this place, particularly remember a spotted bird, just like wearing a leopard skin. The tropical atmosphere of the African Aviary is maintained by dense trees and a huge artificial waterfall that maintains the moisture level within the aviary. It was really amazing.
Past the African Aviary, we traversed the Dinosaur descendants (ostrich, emu), Birds of Prey (hawk, eagle), South-east Asian birds and the Jungle Jewels and entered the Lory Loft.

Giant waterfall in African Aviary

The Lory Loft is an interesting and attractive location of Jurong Bird Park, specially for children. This is again an enclosed space like the African Aviary, and habitated by multi-colored lori. The best part of the Lori Loft is that visitors can feed the birds here. Nectar sold from the counter in small plastics cups are fed to the birds. Buy a cup of nectar and suddenly you will find birds all over you – on your hands, on your shoulders and even on your head. Brijes purchased a cup of nectar and these colorful birds were all over him. Great experience!!
It was time to go back and covered the remaining sections quickly – Hornbills & Toucans, Birds of Paradise and the Royal Ramble. The Royal Ramble or Crowned pigeons of Iran were huge and with crowns of their heads. Had no idea that pigeons can be so big and beautiful.
We finally ended our trip in the souvenir shop – buying some keyrings, t-shirts and bird statues. An afternoon enjoyed and well spent before going back to the hotel and get prepared for next day’s work….


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Jurong Bird Park Information


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