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The first question that obviously comes to one’s mind is ‘Why another travel site’? Most probably there are thousands of them (if not millions). In fact it took me quite some time to identify a domain which to some extent indicated what this site is all about. It seems that whatever combination related to travel that come to your mind is already booked:-). So why add another one to the existing chaos of travel related information? In fact that was the dilemma that I faced for some time. Why not use an existing travel blog to do what I want to do? Although I tried a few, at the end of it I realized that none of them present the travelogues the way I visualize. So was born.

Who am I?

That's meMy name is Kausik Saha living in Kolkata in India. A software engineer by profession and a travel lover. I would love to have them reversed – traveler by profession and a software engineer in my spare time, but this seems to be too good to be true at this moment.
Over the last couple of years I have traveled to a lot of places – some personal and some due to professional requirements. Photographs have started piling up and desperately required to be organized. These travels also have great memories for me – something to ponder over in my quieter moments of solitude. This site will hopefully help me to get organized and bring the house in place.

Some of my travel loving friends

Actually ‘love’ is not the correct word, ‘mad’ would be more appropriate. These friends of mine discuss and talk primarily about travels when we are together. This site would be incomplete without mentioning some of them.

  • Brijes: The mountaineer amongst us, with innumerable expeditions and summits to his credit. A human encyclopedia about the Himalayas and with an endless collection of stories about his trips and travels. Knows every nook and corner of the trekking routes. Brijes has been my companion for a number of official trips and we make it a point to utilize any free time to the extent possible.
  • Abhiroop: Travels somewhere almost every weekend. No other description required. Abhiroop is one of the photographers in our group. Abhiroop has also started working on a travel site of his own –
  • Tarun: Has traveled extensively and acts as a travel consultant for a lot of our office colleagues.
  • Partha: Has traveled a lot, including a number of treks in his ‘younger’ days. An artist and a photography enthusiast. He was one of my companions in the Annapurna Base Camp trek. And hopefully we will partner in more treks in the coming years.

A long long backlog….

I plan to write about all my trips since 2007 here… and that’s a long list. Considering a challenging 1 week to document a travel, it will take a couple of months. So please be patient if you find pages without any content. Here is a list of my travels (ones in progress are stricken off)

  • Nepal: Kathmandu-Pokhara-Chitwan, Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  • USA: New York, Niagra Falls, Bushkill Falls
  • Dubai
  • Vietnam: Hanoi, Halong Bay
  • Kazakhstan: Almaty
  • India: Sankarpur, Asanboni, Binsar, Chakouri, Munsiyari, Kausani, Lucknow, New Delhi
  • Singapore
  • Thailand: Bangkok – Emerald Buddha & Royal Palace


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